Online Training Endeavor –

I’m no stranger to leading training at this point in my life. Having taught a couple of courses at Harper College, and I’m looking forward to teaching more there in the coming months and years. However between my 6 week course-runs, I find myself itching to continue the teaching and sharing of knowledge while growing my own skills.

For reference, my bookmarks of IT blogs is a fairly sizable list. I like to work through the new posts on these to stay current on technology and related news.

Phew! We made it through the list. While there’s not always a new post on each of the above, I often right-click my bookmark folder and open all and browse anyways. There’s always something interesting to read about, some new PowerShell script or event to learn about, etc. I would love to contribute similarly, but alas… blogging is not my strong suit.

Introducing TechSnips

Reading Adam Bertram’s blog one day from that above list, and I noted that he has begun working on a new company called TechSnips. He left his day job and has begun founding a community of IT professionals that aim to share knowledge and training materials with the world. He has been a blogger and PowerShell contributor that I’ve followed for a while, and now I have officially joined his ranks as a TechSnips Contributor in his new company. (Tip, you can too!)

Unlike Adam, this isn’t my day job. Sharing knowledge, helping train the next generation, and the feeling of giving back to the IT community are my desire with this new program. It’s a fairly open ended contribution style with a flexible scheduling and quite a few of in-demand skills to build content around (PowerShell, Azure, AWS, Windows Server, etc). Sure there are some deadlines once you submit an idea to film, but again it’s flexible and all content is Contributor driven, just communicate when necessary and all should be well!

With TechSnips I’m now able to connect with like-minded IT Pros in a multitude of fields and from around the world. Together we are collaborating and working on new Snips (5-15 minute concise tutorials), as well and putting together full courses for partnered learning platforms online such as Packt and Pluralsight. We also hang out in a fun and welcoming Slack, and the and water-cooler video chats on a weekly basis to stay in touch. To say I’m excited is an understatement. I look forward to filming and creating a lot of new material in the coming months!

I’ll be keeping tally of my course and snip creations, and look forward to sharing with everyone. Keep an eye out for more, as my first snip should be getting published soon!