Master List of PowerShell Training Materials

Over the last few years, there have been numerous requests of me on where to begin learning PowerShell, and then later if they were to continue forward, what additional resources do I use to expand even further. Instead of editing and forwarding along the same OneNote list I’ve put together, below is my master list for learning and keeping up to date on all things PowerShell.

I will try and keep beginner-friendly items first, and then everything thereafter will be a smattering of all resources I rely on or have used in the past. None of these links are sponsored in any way, just a bit of a dumping ground for the bookmarks I’ve gathered. Let us get into it!

Where To Start

Video Series: PowerShell Jumpstart (Old Microsoft Virtual Academy)
Jeffery Snover and Jason Helmick’s fantastic beginner series is finally up on Youtube and provides a no-stress entry into the PowerShell way of doing things.

Book Series: Don Jones’ book series of ‘Learn X in a Month of Lunches’ is an easily digestible intro to PowerShell, but also has a companion book to take on afterward. I highly recommend Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches if you prefer a physical book to follow along as reference materials.

The follow-up book to Learn PowerShell in a Month of Lunches is Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches. In this next step, you’ll take a deeper dive into creating Functions, Scripts, and Tools that are easily used and sharable.

Continuing the Journey

With the basics of PowerShell behind you, the world is your oyster. No longer will you be confused by StackOverflow forum posts, but instead be able to rely on and search for other people’s PowerShell tools.

Here begins the fire-hose of information that the internet has available, and a bit long list of resources to explore:

Blogs I Follow

Websites / Social Media

Video Series

Other Questions that Pop Up

Should I use the PowerShell ISE or some other editor?
– Honestly, just use what you’re comfortable with. Start with the basics (PowerShell Console / ISE), and see what others fit you in the long run.
The IDE Visual Studio Code is probably the most popular cross-platform PowerShell editor because of its customizability now.

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