Think Coffee NYC


Pros Cons

Socially Responsible

Fewer Caffeine Options
Environmentally Friendly Only in NYC (Come to Chicago!!)
Good Coffee
Friendly Atmosphere


Today was my last day in New York and I finally had a moment to go out into the world with the sole purpose of finding a coffee shop. I had been drinking the dredge they give you in the hotel for the last week because caffeine is needed for the doing of things (I am extremely grouchy if I don’t have coffee). So, I did a search on coffee shops, hoping to find a non-Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts. I am all for the small shop feel and something unique for the area. And I think I came out all aces in that regard.


The coffee shop I found is called Think Coffee (Lovin’ the name right there) and they are doing amazing things. They are a local chain of coffee shops in NYC and they are determined to give back to the world. They work with farmer-partners in different countries to help different programs in that area. Some of these projects include: Making sure girls can stay in school longer, adult literacy, and reforestation. They also help out their local community by donating 10% of their after-tax profits to a local charity in their neighborhood of NYC. And if that wasn’t enough, all of the utensils and packaging (lids, cups, etc.) they use are compostable. If you drink and dispose of yours at their store they will compost it for you.


The coffee shop I visited, near the Hudson Yards (anyone in New York that can tell me the neighborhood name, I would appreciate it), was wonderful. Exactly what you would expect in a New York City coffee shop: a people watcher’s paradise. The baristas are friendly and willing to give you recommendations on their coffees. There aren’t as many options as you would find at a Starbucks or one of the other larger chains. However, I don’t think that is necessary. And if you are not a coffee drinker they do have Chai Tea Latte’s one of my other favorites. So this place can do no wrong.


I ordered the coffee shop’s current blend of coffee (which changes depending on the season). And it was so good. It went down smooth and allowed me to just relax for a bit and lose myself in the cup. I normally take my coffee with cream or almond milk (if available), and today was no different. But I sat there thinking that I would almost have preferred to drink this cup black.  And for me that is saying something.


Before I left I did purchase a bag of the Ethiopia beans as recommended to me by the cashier and I will have to try out the single source blend and review that separately. But for now I am going to say if you find yourself in New York, go find a Think Coffee and and lose yourself for a bit.


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