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First Purchase Benefit...

So everyone knows that K Cups can be a little pricey. While paying ~$0.50 per cup is still much cheaper than buying from chain stores, finding a deal on K-Cups is always something to take advantage of.

Enter the Keurig offer: for registering our new brewer, receive 50% off of a purchase from Combined with free shipping for orders over $50, you just can't beat receiving about $70 worth of K-Cups for $35. 

So the order was submitted and I was excited to have a few new flavors as an aspiring blogger. And then the box arrived...

This definitely seemed like a normal over-pack that sometimes happens around Christmas time. I expected to open this up and find more bubble wrap and air-packing than I would know what to do with. But not so much..

So uhh... don't look a gift horse in the mouth?

I had originally ordered 5 boxes of 24-count K Cups to start with a pleasant variety of roasts and flavored blends. That variety arrived certainly, but much to my surprise one of the flavors got multiplied in transit.

  • Flavors:
  • Green Mountain Sumatran Reserve (dark roast)  x  1
  • Tully's Hawaii Blend (medium-roast)  x  1
  • Green Mountain Southern Pecan (light-roast)  x  1
  • Green Mountain Hazelnut (light-roast)  x  1
  • Green Mountain Vermont Country Blend (medium-roast)  x  5

Yes, that's right. Instead of getting just 1 of each box, the happy little coffee elves felt like packing us a few extra boxes.

This one order ended up providing 216 K Cups, and that's on top of our already burgeoning cabinets with the random boxes we bought before the order arrived. Thank god it's a good flavor, because we have enough K-Cups in this house to swim around in like Scrooge McDuck. 

Image this but with K-Cups 

Imagine this but with K-Cups instead of gold coins.

So that's the story of our first Keurig K-Cup purchase online. Definitely a positive one, and if deals like that keep coming around I'm sure I won't resist trying again. Reviews for each of those above flavors will be coming along soon, but I couldn't help but share this story in the meantime.

Here's a quick picture I took with Roary looking uninterested in our clone army of Vermont Country K Cups. 

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