Mission statement in Blog form


A love of coffee takes form

Kellie was never much of a coffee drinker, but I've been a bit of a fiend for many years now. I've always stuck to drinking the drek that has been given out free at work, but no more! 

Equipped with our new and first Keurig coffee maker we've taken on the task of spreading the word of caffeine, simply because it's something we're passionate about. We like supporting local businesses like coffee shops and small roasters. Most places we review will be based out of the Chicagoland area, but we also do a lot of traveling, so expect reviews from anywhere from both of us.

Regarding our review and blogging practices... we really don't have one yet. However one good thing to keep in mind is the differences in both Kellie and I's palate. 


  • Enjoys lighter-chocolates
  • Prefers sweeter things
  • Likes more flavored coffees
  • Dislikes overly-bitter things


  • Enjoys very dark chocolate (85% and up)
  • Prefers more bitter flavors and roasts of coffee
  • Will basically drink anything and enjoy the caffeine jolt

For some more personal tidbits, visit our About Us page.

Similar to the above, and found in the About Us, Kellie also loves baking, even as someone suffering from Celiac Disease. While difficult to stay gluten free, she has done a great job at making so many delicious treat that I'm hoping she will share those recipes with everyone. With regard to coffee, thank god that K-Cups are mostly gluten-free, even the flavored ones!

A bit of an outline for what I personally will be assessing on coffee is the flavor, the aroma, caffeine kick, and for coffee shops is the service and atmosphere. That seems pretty generic now, but hopefully after jumping into it some, the process will flesh out more.

We've also got two Kitties that will be making cameos within our reviews and blog posts. Speaking of...

Meet one of the little rascals now, Roary!

He looks calm and cuddly now, but just wait until he knocks literally everything off of your counters.

Anyways, I think this was a good first official blog post. Looking forward to keeping this site going, might just need a few more cups of coffee to keep up the energy.

Current rating: 5