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Caffeine - Not Just for Drinking Anymore

How to Use and Clean a Re-Usable K-Cup

One of the first brands of coffee that I received as a gift, was a 1lb bag of Death Wish Coffee. Knowing me, this was definitely an awesome gift to get for the holidays. Along with the coffee, a 2-pack of Lipperpod re-usable K-Cups for use in our one and only Keurig coffee maker was crammed into the Death Wish gift box. The stage was then set for some highly caffeinated times, and I was excited to give it a shot, but also had some questions...

Remember to Register New Appliances

First Purchase Benefit...

So everyone knows that K Cups can be a little pricey. While paying ~$0.50 per cup is still much cheaper than buying from chain stores, finding a deal on K-Cups is always something to take advantage of.

Mission statement in Blog form

A love of coffee takes form