Dave & Kellie Coffee, Giraffes, and Smiles

Wedding day at Brookfield Zoo, IL

A Caffeinated Journey

What started as a toasty treat each morning has transformed into a delicious and energizing pastime.

After visiting Costa Rica a couple of years ago and being spoiled by amazing local coffee, us Chicagoans been on the hunt to find and taste the best caffeinated products around.

About Dave

  • IT Professional
  • Loves bitter coffee and chocolate
  • Prefers dark roasted coffee and gadgets
  • Friend me on Steam!
  • Join our Steam Group: CaffeinatedLifestyle!
  • Linux, Python, and PowerShell Enthusiast

About Kellie

  • Project Manager
  • Celiac
  • Indulges in less bitter coffee / sweeter chocolates
  • Enjoys baking, reading, and running
  • The kitties love her more than Dave

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